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Studying Over the Holidays

Studying over the Holidays image 3With the holidays fast approaching, most people are getting in the mood for fun, family, food and a much needed break. However, there are probably some of you out there who have other things on your mind too, namely exams and assignments.

First of all make sure you take the opportunity to rest. If you’ve had a busy term then you will need it. It’s better to get some rest in now than try to do it mid term when you need to focus even more so take the opportunity whilst it’s here.

I know that some of you will have assignments due before the holidays so it will be hustle time right about now to get it done. You’ll be glad once it’s over and you can relax for a few weeks after with the weight off your shoulders. So just put in the work now.

The rest of you may have assignments or exams due after Christmas but don’t panic. You can build in study and recreational time over the holidays. With no classes you’ll have more time available; you just need to use it wisely.

As with term time, create a schedule. Find a place away from others so you won’t be distracted. If you are home for the holidays and the family are around, you’ll need some alone time so that you can focus. You may even opt to go to the local library to ensure that you get some quality work in.

If you’re currently studying away from home and you know that you won’t be able to work solidly when you go back for the holidays, then you might want to stay at Uni for a little longer to get some studying done before going back home. The holidays are probably one of the best times to study on campus due to the minimal distractions. Most students go back home at the earliest opportunity so the campuses are usually quiet. The first uni I went to was open 24/7 so you could study any time you wanted and you had the place pretty much to yourself. 2 or 3 days of quality work will be better than trying to fit in a few minutes of study here and there around family time at the holidays.

See what works for you.

All the best in your assignments.

Happy Holidays

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