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Do You Know The Best Ways to Study?

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If not, now’s the time to find out so that you can achieve excellent grades by:


  • Learning How To Study
  • Improving Your Memory Retention
  • Understanding How to Prepare for Exams and Assignments

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    How to handle your reading list

    Reading list image v02At the start of pretty much every higher education course you will most likely be given reading lists. This will usually be during the first class you have for each subject on your course. This alone is often enough to strike fear into the heart of a student. When I was given the reading lists for some of my subjects my jaw dropped. The problem is that the lists are long and there are multiple subjects which compounds the amount of reading required.  [click to continue…]

    Why Summarizing is important

    Einstein Simple quoteOne of the key skills required for studying is the ability to summarize content. Practicing how to do this well, will help you reach your study goals.

    Whatever course you are studying, you will no doubt be presented with large amounts of information in various forms. From lecture handouts, presentation slides, books from your reading list, to your own notes and more; the content sources are numerous. When you have all of this information for each of your subjects, it can be overwhelming given the fact that you are expected to learn from it all. [click to continue…]

    How to remember what you study – Part 1

    How to remember what you study image v00So much of studying involves your memory. You need to remember content so that you are able to recall the details and answer questions for your assessments. However, many students and people in general are of the opinion that they have a so called “bad memory”. By this they mean that they find it difficult to recall information. If you are one of those people then this is for you.  [click to continue…]

    How to Create a Study Plan

    Plan image 01In the previous article we looked at how important it is to set goals for your studies. Your study goals are pretty much the first component required for your study plan. For each goal within the plan, you will need to write down the goal and the method for achieving it. To start with, write down your career goal. [click to continue…]