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Being Mentally Strong for Your Studies

Mentally Strong image v01I recently read an article on LifeHack about the habits of mentally strong individuals. The article listed 13 things that mentally strong people avoid and this got me thinking about how many of those things apply to successful studying. I’m going to share some of the Author’s List (Amy Morin), with my views on the applications for students.

They Don’t Waste Time Feeling Sorry for Themselves (Item 1)

Studying can be challenging as we know but rather than be down and feeling helpless when you come across obstacles, you just have to take the necessary action to keep moving forward.

They Don’t Give Away Their Power (Item 2)

I’ve heard it said that there is no such thing as bad situations; there are only situations and your reactions to them. The point is that you decide how you feel about things and how you are going to act. No one can do that for you unless you let them. Take charge of your studying. The grades you achieve are not up to the teacher or your friends the power lies within you.

They Don’t Shy Away from Change (Item 3)

“Progress is impossible without change. If you cannot change your mind, you cannot change anything”. George Bernard Shaw. Change is necessary for success. If what you are doing now in your studies is not producing your desired results, something has to change. Find out what it is and do it. Embrace the change. Better grades are on the other side.

They Don’t Waste Energy on Things They Can’t Control (Item 4)

Many things are outside of your control whilst you study. You don’t set the exam timetable, you’ll have exams back to back, and some teachers don’t deliver in an inspiring way. The list is endless. Focus on what you can control like when you study, where you study and how you study. Those are some of the things that really matter and they are also things that you can actually control.

They Don’t Dwell on the Past (Item 7)

You cannot change the past you can only ensure that you do your best in the present, for the future. It’s not great when you don’t achieve the grades you want. When you study hard for a test or assignment and don’t get the goods. Instead of dwelling on it, think about what you can do better next time, that’s what will help. Maybe you just need to learn a different approach or some study tips. That’s what this website is all about.

They Don’t Make the Same Mistake Over and Over (Item 8)

We all make mistakes, that’s part of life. But in order to succeed you need to learn from them. If “revising” with your friends doesn’t help you, don’t do it. If turning up late to class doesn’t help you, turn up early. If leaving your assignment until the last minute doesn’t result in top grades… I’m sure you know what to do.

They Don’t Give Up After the First Failure (Item 10)

You never truly fail until you stop trying so don’t give up. My best academic grades didn’t come until my masters, after two years of A levels followed by 3 years for my undergraduate degree. Keep on trying and you will get there.

They Don’t fear Alone Time (Item 11)

Sometimes you have to walk alone whilst studying. Whilst others want to party or aren’t taking their studies seriously, you have to be ok with working alone and being self-motivated. Personally I like to study and work alone so that wasn’t a problem. I find it helps me focus.

They Don’t Feel the World Owes Them Anything (Item 12)

This is true in studying. No one will just give you a degree (under usual circumstances). You won’t get good grades unless you put the work in. Do your best and prove your worth.

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